Integrating blockchain into existing legacy systems, Learn about Distributed Ledger Technology and Oracles.

  • What is a legacy system
  • What is blockchain and DLTs
  • What are oracles

Data flow in a typical DLT‐legacy interoperability framework through oracles.

figure 1

Systemic concerns and how integration with DLT can help

  • Transparency and accountability
  • Reducing corrupt behavior using smart contracts
  • Data validation through oracle systems
    Since the programme depends on collecting data from multiple independent agencies, concerns about the data’s validity and reliability are always present. Using oracles that draw data from multiple sources to process, validate and relay information from external systems to be stored as immutable records on a blockchain
    can help ensure that key datasets are securely transmitted from authentic sources and validated against tampering before the execution of any agreements occurs. However, there still need to be protections for vulnerabilities with regards to data sources being compromised. (This concept is explained in depth later in this white paper.)

Limitations of DLT and challenges of integration

  • Resource consuming and limited scalability
  • Data dissemination risk
  • Unclear regulation

Connecting smart contracts with external legacy systems through interoperability standards and legal frameworks

  • Supported by a large open‐source community building on a secure middleware
  • Support most blockchain networks and legacy systems globally
  • Embed protocols and technologies to verify data integrity and counterparty performance
  • Use a generalized middleware that can satisfy a wide variety of security and performance needs across all IT systems




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DigiEx by Shondy Sainthea

DigiEx by Shondy Sainthea

I'm Shondy Sainthea and I welcome anyone to come learn with me about Blockchain,Digital assets and technology.(educational purposes only)